Lectronic Kaddy Battery

Should you find it necessary to replace your battery? Ensure you replace your battery with a genuine Lectronic Kaddy battery. Leading edge "AGM" technology gives excellent performance and long life in compact size. Simply the best battery for the application.

To ensure that you golf uninterrupted during each round of golf, it is important that you operate your Lectronic Kaddy with a Kaddy battery.

Battery Storage

The battery should remain attached to the power supply after each game and during the off season when your caddy is not being used.

Prolonged disconnect from the power supply will cause damage to the battery resulting  in early failure (usually   in the middle of a game and the furthest point away from the club house)

Battery Maintenance

To ensure that the battery is charged with maximum efficiency, it is vital that you check on a periodic basis the battery cable.  Over time, from continuous heavy use, the connection (Battery Cable) between the battery and  charger will wear out and become loose. This may result in poor charging, under performance and eventual shortened life of the battery

The battery cable should be changed whenever the connection between the battery and charger is no longer a tight fit

New 31.6 Amp Battery

The Gel-Tech battery is a sealed lead acid battery containing gelled electrolyte.  Manufactured in the USA under stringent control,  it is reliable, maintenance free and spill free

This battery is now  being delivered with all new kaddies. The body shell for the Dyna Steer has a wider opening to fit the battery.  When an older body shell has to be replaced, the new wider body shell will be provided which will then make room for the wider battery when it becomes time to replace the battery. This battery can now be used at any time for all models of the TS-1 series

New Batteries are now in stock

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